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Lisa - Helen - Hayley (taken after filming)
The words and video of 'Talking Circles' supposes that Aliens destroyed their own world and come here to warn us not to do the same. 'Crop Circles' being their means of communication.
Helen wrote the lyrics in the 1970s and then 6 years later 'Debbie Fox Little' wrote the music and recorded the English version. Much of what the words portray is applicable today.
A great song written by a great lady...
Unisong Award for 'Talking Circles awarded to Helen
In 2007, 30 years after she wrote those lyrics, we made the music video of 'Talking Circles' as a surprise 70th birthday present for Helen, and all of the actors (aliens) who took part in the video are family members .
By filming in front of a 'Blue' or 'Green' screen, the background color can be removed, and the remaining footage can be incorporated into a video using different backgrounds or scenes.
The 'aliens' were filmed in our spare room with a greenscreen background and the editing was done by myself on my old 486 pc.
Greenscreen footage  
At that time I found artistes from around the world who translated the song into their own languages for me to edit into the video.
In 2020 we added Italian, French & Japanese versions.
So many singers who saw the importance of the message have recorded 'Talking Circles' & the message within 'Talking Circles' can now be understood by over 4 billion people in over 150 countries.
That's phenomenal and it all started with lyrics written over 40 years ago.
Should any Female vocalist wish to add a different language to the collection of videos, please email me & let me know.
- Video Player Below -
  • 'Talking Circles' Introduction Talking Circles Introduction
  • 'Talking Circles' - English Version 'Talking Circles - English Version
  • 'Talking Circles' - Russian Version 'Talking Circles - Russian Version
  • 'Talking Circles' - Hindi Version 'Talking Circles - Hindi Version
  • 'Talking Circles' - Italian Version 'Talking Circles - Italian Version
  • 'Talking Circles' - Spanish Version 'Talking Circles - Spanish Version
  • 'Talking Circles' - Mandarin Version 'Talking Circles - Mandarin Version
  • 'Talking Circles' - French Version 'Talking Circles - French Version
  • 'Talking Circles' - Japanese Version 'Talking Circles - Japanese Version

Due to language differences, translated lyrics may be different from the original in English
refresh video
'Some General Comments' from those who have watched the video
Well I'm not one to use expletives with people I have yet to meet....lol..... but I will say on first view it had me mesmerized..the editing was excellent....the story board was well thought out, the effects and colors were eye catching, the song was poignant, the images really sent the message of the lyrics home.
I bet this rocks in hi res.....so in total, on one viewing/listen....it was BRILL....see I didn't actually use an expletive, only suggested....LOLOL...now I'm off for another viewing. A grand job.
Wow! That is a beautiful video!! I love the song too. I have put a link on my front page and your hit counter should start rolling a little!
preparing for the making of 'Talking Circles' Video
- Making up the Aliens -
Lisa puts the body art onto Hayley
Lisa does Hayley's makeup.
Lisa, Hayley & Oksana
Oksana & Lisa made up.
- The song story told in images from video -
Alien World
Aliens at home in their dwelling
Paradise before they destroyed it
Alien planet has earthquakes
Aliens world on fire
Some escape in ships
Alien world exploads
Watching their world explode
Spaceships travels universe
Spaceships arrives at Earth
Aliens cruise up the Amazon
Alien ship over the mountains
Alien ship over city
Alien meeting place
Alien ship in swamp
Alien ship in valley
Spaceship over Peru
Spaceship heads out to sea
Alien ship control deck
Inside 'mothership'
Aliens make 'crop circles'
Finished creating 'Crop Circles'
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